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[외국계 IT기업] Sales Operation(부장-이사급) 2019-11-06
 서치펌 정보
진 행 서 치 펌 ㈜하이잡
담당 헤드헌터 박은주  
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 상 세 요 강 [외국계 IT기업] Sales Operation(부장-이사급)

▷ 회사: 외국계 IT 기업

▷ 근무지: 서울

▷ Responsibilities
- Work with senior leadership to define Korea’s strategy and run the management cadence for the
- Collaborate on the design, development, maintenance, and delivery/presentation of forecasting
models, metrics, reports, analyses, and dashboards to drive key business decisions
- Lead Korea-wide initiatives across the Operations group and be an active participant on this team
- Working with the management, lead the initial proposal of annual goals, budgeting and ongoing
forecasting processes.
- Lead the development and provision of routine and ad-hoc analytic reports to senior management
regarding Business Development initiatives, customer segment performance, performance against
goals, etc. Ensure reports contribute to business insight and decision-making, and minimize
overall report burden.
- Maintain thorough knowledge of existing and emerging 3rd party data sources as needed for

▷ Basic Qualifications
- Min 14 years work experience
- Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, Computer Science, or related
- Significant experience in a senior leadership role in Finance, Sales Operations, Business
Development, or other related fields
- Proven experience with the development and implementation of systems/tool utilized for CRM,
sales compensation, revenue reporting, forecasting, sales force automation, etc.
- Expert level in Excel and Data query tools
- Strong business-process design experience
- Exhibits sound business judgment, a proven ability to influence others, strong analytical
skills, and a proven track record of taking ownership, leading data-driven analyses, and
influencing results
- Able to operate successfully in a lean, fast-paced organization, and to create a vision and
organization that can scale quickly
- Strong written and verbal communication skills, with a track record of presenting to senior

▷ Preferred Qualifications
- Experience working within a high-growth, technology company would be highly beneficial
- MBA or other relevant advanced degree

▷ 상기 job opening에 관심 있으신 분께서는 아래 담당자에게 연락바랍니다.
담당자: 박은주 대표
Tel.: 010-3784-1463, 070-7126-1947
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담당자 정보
헤드헌터 박은주
담당헤드헌터 박은주    
연   락   처 070-7126-1947
팩        스 031-711-0374
이   메   일
홈  페  이  지
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