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Indirect Sales Channel Manager-글로벌 Test/계측 솔루션 기업 2019-09-20
 서치펌 정보
진 행 서 치 펌 ㈜네오리소스
담당 헤드헌터 박현준  
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 기 업 소 개 [글로벌 자동화/계측 솔루션 전문기업]
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 담 당 업 무 ndirect Sales Channel Manager
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 상 세 요 강 * Company : 글로벌 Test/계측 솔루션 기업
* Location : 서울 강남
* Position : Indirect Sales Channel Manager

The Role
The Indirect Sales Channel Manager is responsible for identifying, recruiting,
onboarding and managing distributors to expand coverage and achieve business growth in Japan and

This position is a senior channel development and management position, also required for
performing distributor business planning,review and forecasting. Within distributor management
responsibility, coaching the managed distributor team to increase sales effectiveness and
efficiency in also expected to build up strong distribution network.

Key Responsibilities

Distributor recruiting, onboarding and exit

1. Input to sales channel coverage strategy based on understanding of offering
and target customer buying needs and preference
2. Define ideal distributor profile;
3. Research and identify and recommend potential distributors based on ideal distributor profile;
4. Lead in negotiation and onboard new distributors;
5. Onboard distributor to ensure new distributor launch success and business fast ramp up;
6. Lead in working with other function team for long term distributor develop plan;
7. Exit low performing distributors

Distributor Management
1. Setting quotas and incentive for distributors;
2. Perform annual planning, quarterly business review and recommend course correction actions;
3. Develop and coach distributor team in sales activities, including forecasting, opportunity
pipeline management and review etc;
4. Optimizing channel coverage and channel conflict
5. Develop and maintain a world-class indirect channel ecosystem by maximizing customer and **

Qualifications and Skills

Basic Qualifications

- Minimum Degree: B. S. in Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering Technology,
Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mechatronics,
or Industrial Control Systems
- Deep knowledge on T&M channels and sales networks to End User (Japan and Korea)
- Profound distributor management knowledge, understand how to engage and lead external team,
track record in driving growth through channels
- Minimum 5 years of sales experience in Japan and Korea
- Minimum 3 years of Sale channel development/management experience
- Executive level strategic conversation, relationship Building and influencing
- Persuasive Communicator, excellent negotiating skills
- Business Planning and review
- Good time management and multitasking skills
- Ability to work under pressure and ambiguity
- Fluent English writing and speaking, Japanese or Korea speaking
- Self-driven, Decisive, Fearless and unafraid
- Customer oriented and result driven

Preferred Qualifications
- A strong plus for being able to speak Japanese ​
- Complex Coverage analysis​
- Eager to lead, coach others in right direction.​

[ 접수기간 및 방법]
- 접수 기간 : ASAP
- 접수방법 : e-mail /
- 담당자 : 박현준 이사
- 연락처 : 02) 564-8337 / 010-4231-1022

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