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Construction Engineer (외국계 화학사) / 1년 계약직 2019-02-21
 서치펌 정보
진 행 서 치 펌 ㈜네오리소스
담당 헤드헌터 박현준  
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 기 업 소 개 [유명 외국계 화학사]
 기 업 형 태 외국계기업
 상 장 여 부 비상장
 담 당 업 무 Construction Engineer
 채 용 분 야 [건설·토목][화학·에너지·환경]
 키  워  드 시공관리/공무/화학/화공/현장관리/건설현장관리/안전관리/인력관리/건설현장/공사감리/시공/현장소장
 고 용 형 태 연봉계약직
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 급 여 조 건 면접후 결정
 근 무 지 역 경기도
 상 세 요 강 * 회사소개 : 유명 외국계 화학사
* Position : Construction Engineer (부장급)
* 고용형태 : 직접 1년 계약직
* Location : 경기도 기흥 및 화성

[Position Summary]
As Project-based contract - Construction Engineer, this role is responsible for executing
“Designated Projects” within the approved On-stream schedule with high quality and zero incident.
He or she should plan, organize and control all construction field activities for the designated
project (Project Name : Giheung & Hwaseong Expansion) and duration(From 2019. Mar to 2020. Mar,
Total duration : 12 months) to ensure that the project construction be fulfilled safely, with high
standard quality, on schedule and within budget.

1. Overall accountable for completing a project construction safely, with quality, on schedule and
lowest cost;
2. Ensure weekly report for site be posted timely and appropriately, outstanding issues be
identified such as schedule delay , potential claims, authority issues, industrial relations
issues, remedy measures be placed in a timely fashion;
3. Ensure all work procedure and instruction be implemented with high compliance rate;
4. Support all kind of appreciate local permits to meet local requirements, AP standards and
customer’s specific requirements.
5. Responsibilities include assessing and forecasting workload and skills demands on a site basis
to secure schedule

1. Incumbent should have experience as a construction supervisor in the construction field of
mechanical/piping in Petrochemical, Gas or Engineering & Construction Industry. The basic
knowledge and experience for civil / foundation / electrical / instrumentation will be helpful.
2. Incumbent is expected to have minimum 3 year up to 5 year experiences with bachelor degree or
minimum 5 year up to 7 year experiences after graduating Junior College in Mechanical, Civil &
Architecture or Chemical Engineering.
3. Incumbent is expected to have a comprehensive knowledge of engineering procedures, standards,
specifications, constructability, site safety management, construction work process, quality
assurance and quality control, cost control and change management in Petrochemical, Gas or
Engineering & Construction Industry and the knowledge of EH&S system and Construction Change Order.
4. Incumbent is expected to have experience on Rigging Study and supervision for heavy equipment
installation such as cold box or heavy weight compressors at site.
5. 삼성 전자 사내 공사에 대한 경력 우대

【 접수기간 및 방법】
- 접수 기간 : ASAP
- 접수방법 : 온라인 또는 e-mail → /
- 담당자 : 박현준 이사
- 연락처 : 02) 564-8337 / 010-4231-1022

【 제출서류 】
- 영문/국문 이력서(경력 기술서 포함)
학    력 경    력 연    령
대학졸업(2,3년) 경력3년 이상 연령무관
 우 대 조 건
 자  격  증
 접 수 방 법 [이메일]
 접 수 기 간 채용시까지
담당자 정보
헤드헌터 박현준
담당헤드헌터 박현준    
연   락   처 02-564-8337
팩        스 02-564-3877
이   메   일
홈  페  이  지
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