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1998 Jan - Registered publishing company(publication of special job magazine) Registration
   No. 03-01071
March - Registered Periodical (publication of Weekly Arbeit(Weekly Part Time Job)
   Registration No. 05416
- Established Vision 21 (CEO Kim Dong-Yeon)
May - Opened Internet Homepage (Free Registration and Reception of Recruiting and
   Job Search) URL = http://vision-21.co.kr
- Job News Notice/Free Registration for Recruiting and Job Search/Providing
   Recruiting Advertisement/Providing Recruiting and Job Search Information
- Established Vision Man Power Korea Corporation (CEO Kim Dong-Yeon)

1999 Jan - Obtained Worker Dispatch License from Ministry of Labor (License No. Seoul
   Cheong 99-16)
March - Opened Recruiting and Job Search Homepage (Chargeable Service)
   URL = http://www.jobnews.org
May - Launched Internet Business Team
Aug - Launched Chargeable Job Proposal Service <Seocho-Yu, 99-24>
Oct - Contract for business alliance with Yahoo! Korea
Dec - Contract for business alliance with Mentel Korea

2000 May - Contract for OSFS with Internet Kingdom
June - Opened Free and Chargeable Recruiting/Job Search Web Recruiting at the same
   time. URL = http://www.jobnews.org
July - Launched Headhunter Team for Executives/Directors/Professionals Headhunting
   URL = http://www.solomonsearch.co.kr
- Opened Arbeit(Part-Time Recruiting/Job Search Site)
   URL = http://ArbeitNews.co.kr

2001 Feb - Moved headquarter to 3rd floor Vision Building 911018 Bangbae-dong Seocho-gu
March - Obtained license for Job Information Provider <Goani 68460-458>
- Obtained license for Chargeable Job Information Service <Seocho Yu 21-07
- Obtained license for Worker Dispatch Business <Seoul Gangnam 2001-20>
- Changed Corporate Title (Business Title) into JOBNEWS Co., Ltd.
Aug - Opened Recruiting/Job Search Site for Lecturers
    URL = http://www.100job.co.kr
- Interoperating with about 30 job sites through contracts for business alliance
   with Geos - Changed http://www.arbeitnews.co.kr into