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글로벌 헬스케어기업 Procurement 과장급 2021-05-18
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진 행 서 치 펌 ㈜허브커리어
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 담 당 업 무 제조현장 NPI ( New Product Introduction ) 프로젝트 material sourcing Plan
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-제조현장 NPI ( New Product Introduction ) 프로젝트 material sourcing Plan
- Develop subject matter expert for sourcing knowledge. Stays abreast of the changing supply base
& new technologies, and is able to effectively interface with engineering / R&D / other
stakeholders on supplier & component / material / services selection. Uses knowledge of category
cost drivers and vendor innovation to drive exploration of lower cost / higher value design
alternatives that still meet our end product needs.
- Build and maintain a multi-functional network of stakeholders (upstream, downstream, and peer)
in order to ensure that any strategy supports the needs of the business, and to facilitate initial
buy-in, ongoing engagement, and support for execution of the global strategy at all levels.
- Source New suppliers (domestic and regional) to support business material supply strategy,
manage supplier consolidation, RFx management, supplier selection, negotiation, contract
development throughout the RFP process.
- Support supplier performance evaluations with both internal and external stakeholders, and drive
supplier improvement projects to enhance innovation and quality, reduce cost, and improve
service / efficiency. Support to deployment periodic supplier review of Capacity, Cost, Quality,
- Identify and elevate areas of highest risk in the assigned category and sites, and leads multi-
functional teams to develop actionable risk mitigation strategies.
- Identify, successfully get support from the appropriate stakeholders for, and delivers cost
savings projects to ensure we meet our organizational savings commitments.

-Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Supply Chain, or Biological Chemical or Industrial Engineering
is a plus.
-More than 5 years of experience in procurement in IVD business, progressively responsible
positions in a highly regulated/analytical manufacturing environment a plus.
- Demonstrated experience developing and implementing sourcing strategies that have successfully
been adopted by the wider organization, and yielded measurable business results.
- Strong procurement/sourcing skills including spend analysis, negotiations, new supplier
development, eSourcing knowledge, total cost of ownership calculations, and market fundamentals.
Experience managing and taking action to achieve KPIs such as savings targets, average weighted
payment terms, etc.
- Ability to get things done in a complex environment, using good judgement to make well-reasoned
decisions, even with less than perfect information. Acts with a sense of urgency, and willingly
takes on tactical roles as necessary to achieve objectives.
- Ability to identify a problem, work with the extended team to frame it, determine root cause,
drive to potential solutions, build and present a business case, and communicate effectively to
leadership to garner support
- Strong skills with the Microsoft Office suite of programs
- Certification from CPPM, ISM, PMP. 우대
- Experience with Lean and/or Six Sigma manufacturing concepts a plus.

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