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Senior Manager of Data Science - APAC. 039 글로벌 AI테크 기업 2022-05-02
 서치펌 정보
진 행 서 치 펌 ㈜잡뉴스솔로몬서치
담당 헤드헌터 김동언  
채용회사 기업정보
 기 업 소 개 [글로벌 AI테크 기업]
 기 업 형 태 외국계기업
 상 장 여 부 비상장
 담 당 업 무 Senior Manager of Data Science - APAC
 채 용 분 야 [솔루션·ASP][서버·네트웍·시스템운영]
 키  워  드 솔루션/데이터베이스/SQL/데이터사이언티스트/리더십/인력관리/조직운영/시니어매니저/데이터분석
 고 용 형 태 정규직
 모 집 인 원 0명
 채 용 직 급 협의 후 결정
 급 여 조 건 면접후 결정
 근 무 지 역 서울특별시
 상 세 요 강 [ What you`ll do ]
?Build and manage a team of talented data scientists with the ability to not only keep up with but
also pioneer, in this space.
?Collaborate with leadership so that your team`s work directly impacts company strategy and
?Communicate with other engineering teams inside work to build the best mobile advertising
platform in the world.
?Working cross-functionally with business and technical teams to support campaign management and
team communication
?Campaign analysis: analyzing and visualizing data from lots of mobile apps to provide insights to
existing and future campaigns using standard tools including SQL and proprietary dashboards
?Campaign optimization: engaging in the lifecycle of campaigns from setting up and monitoring
daily performance to providing recommendations for stronger campaigns using our machine learning
?Business analysis: Extract and manipulate data, creating actionable recommendations for business
decisions. This may include but is not limited to, publishers, verticals, creatives, and internal
workflow optimization through data insights

[ What you`ll need to succeed ]
?Bachelor’s degree in engineering, statistics, or related field.
?Work experience in a leadership-level position of data science in an engineering department
?6+ years of experience in data science.
?Ability and desire to hit the ground running and to optimize results in order to leave things
better than when you got them.
?Exceptional people skills with a proven record of building and maintaining strong professional
?Outstanding time management, organizational, and communication skills (both written and verbal).
?Strong attention to detail, and statistical background.
?Proactive team player with the ability to adapt to a fast-growing tech company.
?Excellence in logical thinking, problem-solving, and proven familiarity with big data.
?Basic understanding of statistics fundamentals such as linear/logistic regression, hypothesis
testing, and binomial probabilities
?Comfortable with SQL and Excel; experience with R/Python is a plus.
?Experience working with data visualization tools like Looker and Tableau.

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헤드헌터 김동언
담당헤드헌터 김동언
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팩        스 02-521-3156
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